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2022年 30个英语题库

作者:Mr.LiuStu  来源:刘宝平工作室  发布时间:2022-11-24
A. 道歉。
C. 承诺要采取行动。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
G: Is there anything I can do for you?
G: What’s the matter?
G: Oh! Sorry to hear that. This is quite unusual. Maybe I booked the reservation with the restaurant too early and we had a little traffic jam so some dishes were cold Which dish you think is cold? I will heat it up for you soon.
哦! 很抱歉听到这个消息。这是很不寻常的。可能是我跟餐厅预定的太早了加上我们路上有点堵车所以有些菜凉了.哪些菜你觉得凉?我现在去给你加热。
G: Fine. Just now you said that the service of the restaurant is very poor. Please tell me, What parts of this restaurant have upset you?
G: Ok, thanks for your advice, I promise to communicate with restaurants and get them to improve. I’m sure the waitress didn’t mean to be rude. If you feel like your lunch isn't good enough today, you can also order a few more dishes. Today we have dinner in a famous flavor restaurant and you will definitely enjoy it.
好的,谢谢你的建议,我保证会和餐厅沟通,让他们改进。 我敢肯定,女服务员不是故意粗鲁的。如果你觉得今天的午餐不够好,你也可以多点几道菜。今天我们在一家著名的风味餐厅吃晚餐,你一定会喜欢的
G: Sorry again. And thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.


C. 简要介绍一下下一站。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
G: Dear friends, we are in the Beijing City Bus Tour now, please look to the left, these two sculptures are the mascots of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong.
G: Sure. Bing Dwen Dun is the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It combines pandas and ice. It is so cool!
G: Xue Rong Rong is the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympic Olympics. Its appearance is like a lantern. It looks so cute.
T: What attractions are nearby?(附近有哪些景点?)
G: In this area, there are also famous attractions such as Tiananmen Square, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park and the Forbidden City. Our next stop is the Forbidden City, the bus takes about 5 minutes, take advantage of this time, please let me briefly introduce the Forbidden City.
The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the middle of Beijing, China and now houses the Palace Museum. For almost five centuries, it served as the home of the Emperor and his household, and the ceremonial and political centre of Chinese government.
在这个区域内,还有天安门广场、北海公园、景山公园、故宫等著名景点。 我们的下一站是故宫,巴士大约需要5分钟,趁着这个时间,请我简单介绍一下故宫。


C. 告知晚餐的时间和地点。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
G: Good morning, everyone, welcome to Jinan, now let me introduce this Hotel, Hilton is a five-star hotel with 5 restaurants and 3 bars. We ate at the "Bai Yu lan" Chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor, You can taste local food. The foreign currency exchange is on the 1st floor, where you can exchange local currency. On the 4th floor, there is a medical room, if you feel uncomfortable, you can go there to get the medicine. The hotel is located in the city center, with Huai hai Road shopping street, which can be very convenient for shopping. The hotel's delicious dishes and warm service will make you feel the good hotel life.
T: Can you introduce the services of the hotel?
G: We live on the 20th floor of this hotel. Everyone will get a card, which is your room key. There will be a phone in each room. If you have any questions, you can call room service department and they will help you solve them. In addition, there is valet service on the left side of the elevator.
T: Great! But I have two children with me? Is there any children facility in the hotel?
G: There are children's facilities for children everywhere in the hotel, children's swimming pool, children's corner, children's supplies... The equipment is super full and super intimate, children don't want to leave after playing!
T: When and where will we have dinner?
G: Today's dinner is at the Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the hotel. The time is 6:30. Please come on time.You can have a break in your room. If anything changes I will call you. Hope you will enjoy your stay here.
T: Thank you.


A. 问候
C. 给出房间号码和方向。
D. 告诉他们关于吃午餐的时间。
G: Dear friends, everyone has a hard journey. Welcome to my hometown. Now we will be staying at the Hilton Hotel. Please have a seat at the lobby. I will go and check in for you.
T: Thank you very much.
G: It’s my pleasure to serve you. Now please show your passport as required. …(A moment later) OK. We have already completed the registration. Our floor is the 19th floor, and our room numbers are 1919, 1920, 1921. They are standard rooms. Now let me hand out the room card. Here are your key card and your passport, please keep them in a safe place. The bellman will deliver your luggage to your room.
T: That’s great. We are too tired.
G: This way, please. I’ll show you to your room. Please walk to your right to reach the elevator. Here we are. Walk straight of the corridor, then turn left, your room is on your right. The three rooms are next to each other.  Please walk to your own room and open the door with your room card. Please rest in your room for a while.
T: Excuse me, when will we have lunch?
G:Our lunch time is 12:00.We will have lunch at Chinese restaurant on the second floor, please come to the hotel lobby ten minutes in advance, and I will lead you to the Chinese restaurant.
T: How can we connect you?
G: My phone number is 123456, if there’s anything I can do for you, please call me. It’ s still early for lunch, you can have a good rest.
T: We really appreciate your kindness.
G: You are welcome. Hope you will enjoy your stay here.


B. 问候

C. 询问一下这次在青海省的旅行。

D. 检查行李。

At the Railway Station Platform of Xining 

G:Excuse me, but are you the tour leader Professor Smith from the United States?


T: Yes, I am.

G: I am so glad to meet you. I am your tour guide Sophie from CITS.
T: Nice to see you. It’s very considerate of you to meet us at the railway station.
G:It’s my pleasure. How was your trip?

T:  Just so so. The girl next to me always made noise and kept interrupting me by asking so many questions.

G: Oh, sorry to hear that. Fortunately, we don't have tight schedule this afternoon, and you can have a good rest after we check in at Hilton Hotel.
T:Thank you.
A: Is everyone in the group here?
T: everybody is here.When shall we go?
G:Our coach is already waiting for us at the parking lot Attention! Please follow me to get the coach. (On the coach) Good afternoon,ladies and-gentlemen.Welcome to Qinghai! I am Sophie, your tour guide for the coming six days. This is our driver Mr. Liu, he will certainly ensure our safety. I’d like to extend our warmest welcome to all of you.
T: We have received a copy of the itinerary in Qinghai from your travel agency before. Are there any changes?
G: No, let’s go over the itinerary. Tomorrow we will go to the Qinghai Lake, which located in the northeast of Qinghai Plateau and northwest of Xining City, it is the largest inland lake in my country and the largest saltwater lake in China. 不,让我们看一下行程安排。明天我们将去青海湖,它位于青海高原的东北部,西宁市的西北部,它是我国最大的内陆湖和中国最大的咸水湖。
T: Great! And in the afternoon, we will go to Taer Temple. It is a national 5A-level tourist attraction.It is famous for the Big Silver. PagodaIt is the activity center of Tibetan Buddhism in Northwest China and is well-known in China and Southeast Asia.
G: What about the second day?
T: Amidongsuo Scenic Area,it  known as Niuxin Mountain, is located at the foot of the majestic Qilian Mountains. It is a scenic spot integrating catering, accommodation, entertainment, folk interpretation, horse riding, archery, and ethnic costume experience.
G: That’s OK. The third day we will go to Mutual Aid Tu Nationality Homeland Garden Scenic Spot(互助土族故园景区),right?
G: Yes. It is the most comprehensive, pure and authentic comprehensive tourist attraction in the world that integrates sightseeing, leisure and vacation, folk experience and religious pilgrimage.
T: Perfect arrangements.

G: This is our hotel. Please take your luggage and get ready to get off. 



C. 回答游客们提出的一些问题。
 T: Ladies and gentlemen, attention, please. Can you see those people who are exercising in the park? They are practicing Taijiquan, which is a kind of Wushu.
 G: Yes, we see them. Can you tell us what's Taijiquan?
Sure. Taijiquan is a previous cultural heritage in the field of China martial arts.It is an ancient Chinese boxing style, used both for body training and  attacking. It is proved by the modern medical science that long-time practice of taijiquan can improve the functions of people's heart and lung, build up people's physique and even make people live longer. At present, Taijiquan is not only highly praised by Chinese; it is also practiced and loved deeply by people all over the world.
G: Great! I'm very interested in this sports, can you show us some actions of Taijiquan?
T: Certainly! I can teach you some motions as you wish. I'd like you get to know more about Chinese traditional culture. OK?
G: That's great! Can you introduce the spring festival?
T: Oh, that's a good question. As the most traditional festival for our Chinese, the Spring Festival has a long history and people are all look forward to celebrating it by different ways to greet the coming of new year for Chinese. There are many customs such as staying up late on New Year's Eve, New Year's visit and gift money, pasting spring couplets, our family members get together and have a big meal include having dumplings, which called "jiaozi" and so on.
G: That sounds great! I'm hungry now. Let's go to a restaurant to try " dumplings!


The trip to Nanjing will last two days from August 13 to 15. On the first day of the trip, we will visit three scenic spots and stay at each spot for four hours. Such as, the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders, the Nanjing Museum and so on.
At noon, I will take you to eat the famous specialties of Nanjing, such as salted duck, squirrel fish, and so on.
On the second day, we will go shopping at the most  famous shopping place and let everyone choose souvenirs [ˈsuːvənɪəz] . If there are other special products or things that you want to buy and you don't know where to buy them, can you tell me to count them up and take you there. If anything else changes, we can talk about it, Is that all right with you?


Welcome to the West Lake, dear tourists .The boat we are on is a leisure boat, today we are on this boat to visit the West Lake. First ,I will introduce the buildings on the island, such as Suti Road and other famous scenic spots.
The Pavilion in the Heart of the Lake, one of the four famous pavilions [pəˈvɪljənz]  in China, is located in the middle of West Lake.Suti road is 2.8 kilometers long, there have six Bridges on sudi, the first is Yingbo Bridge.
It not only connect the north and south of the West Lake, convenient for citizens, but also let West Lake sight get more beautiful. If you have any question ,you can ask to me, let us enjoy the West Lake fine view!


Hello everybody, Now we have come to Lijiang. Have you seen this beautiful old city? It is one of the ancient cities in China . The main buildings of Lijiang Old Town include: Sifang Street, Mu Mansion, Wangu Tower, Wenchang Palace.
Next up, I would like to introduce the Naxi people to you. They are one of the unique [ju‘niːk] groups in Yunnan. They have their own national language. Naxi is unique in art, and its poetry, painting, sculpture, music and dance art are famous at home and abroad.
Ok, here, please enjoy the beautiful ancient city, If you have any questions ,you can ask me.




B. 为贵公司所犯的错误向史密斯先生道歉。

C. 与领队确认新的行程。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
I'm really sorry for this. Please wait patiently for a moment. I'll call the travel agency and get to know the process. I'm really sorry for the trouble brought to you. I checked the itinerary [aɪˈtɪnərəri]with the travel company and found that there was an extra scenic [ˈsi:nik] spot, which was caused by the mistake of the travel company. Lady leader, I'm sorry that the third item tomorrow is wrong, we should cancel it and replan the itinerary.
I apologize for him, now we can reschedule   [ˌriːˈʃedjuːl]  the             itinerary.  If you have any other questions, you can call me,Thank     you for your understanding.


A. 问候
C. 谈谈延安的历史。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
Hello, dear tourists. Welcome to Yan 'an. I am very glad to have you all come to this beautiful city of Yan 'an. Let me introduce Yan 'an to you. When it comes to Yan 'an, I think the tomb of the HuangDi Mausoleum [ˌmɔːsəˈliːəm] comes to mind first. The Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, called "Bridge Mausoleum" in ancient times, was the place where emperors and celebrities offered sacrifices to the Yellow Emperor.
Yan 'an City, the important birthplace  [ˈbɜːθˌpleɪsɪz]of the  Chinese nation is also an excellent tourist city in China. Yan 'an is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization of five thousand years. Okay, that's all for now. If you want to know anything else about Yan’an , you can call me.


C. 确认时间。
D. 为素食主义者准备菜肴。
E. 确认付款的类型。
Hello, The beautiful manager, I'm the tour guide who will bring the group here for meal tomorrow. I would like to confirm the reservation of this meal. For breakfast, there are eggs,dough sticks and bread. Drinking soybean milk and milk. At noon and in the evening, everyone had two meat, two vegetables and a soup, and that was pretty much it.
Now let's fix the meal time. The first time is breakfast at 7:00 AM, lunch at 12:00 am, and dinner at5:30 PM, right? By the way, we also have vegetarians here. Please prepare five vegetarian meals. Ok, Is it cash payment or mobile payment? I‘ll pay you now. Thank you. Happy cooperation!


C. 介绍切割技巧。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
Dear friends, we have just tasted the unique local food. I don't know if everyone is interested in the food from all over the world.
According to the factors of geography and influence, the world cuisine is roughly divided into three major cuisines in the world. The first Oriental [ˌɔːriˈentl] cuisine represented by Chinese food is Chinese cuisine. The second Western cuisine represented
[ˌreprɪˈzentɪd] by French cuisine: French cuisine. The third type of halal [həˈlæl] cuisine represented by Turkey: Turkish cuisine.
Now that we know about the world's cuisines, let's talk about four famous Chinese cuisines. which consists [kənˈsɪsts] of four cuisines, called Shandong cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine.
Knife skills include chopping and slicing, which is easy to heat and easy to season.
The knife technique [tekˈniːk]  in Chinese food is also very special. If you have any questions, you can ask me .


C. 介绍如何使用筷子。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
I think many people are not used to using chopsticks. Let me first introduce the history of chopsticks to you.
There is a story that Daji invented the hosta to make them good for King Zhou, and there is a legend that Da Yu invented chopsticks to save time by getting hot food.
There are a lot of etiquette on the table. For example, when having dinner with others, you should not sit down by yourself. Instead, you should let the older person or the main person sit down first. Don't pick and choose between dishes, it will embarrass the host.
Chopsticks are used with two sticks together.  Chinese people are used to holding chopsticks in the right hand.
Ok,if you don't understand anything you can keep asking me.


C. 给出建议。

D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。

Hello everybody , Now we all come to a tea shop, which has a variety of tea, green tea is an indispensable [ˌɪndɪˈspensəbl] part of the variety of tea, whether from the appearance [əˈpɪərəns]or its own taste to people are unique.


Black tea is suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach so you can drink black tea if you have a bad stomach. Drinking black tea is obviously good for your health.

Summary. Briefly introduced some green tea and black tea, I believe you now have a certain understanding of them.总结。简单介绍了一些绿茶和红茶,相信大家现在对它们有了一定的了解。
Green tea is good for summer and black tea is good for winter. It is suggested that you choose and buy the tea you like according to your own preferences [ˈprɛfərənsɪz] . Choose the right tea for you to buy.The beauty of tea can only be felt after you have made it.Then if you have any questions ,you can ask call me .


C. 告诉游客,他们应该自己支付洗衣服务的费用。
Hello everyone ,As your tour guide, , now we have arrived at the hotel, I know that many people are not familiar with the hotel service, for many people who pursue convenience, I think the hotel laundry service can satisfy you.
For those who don't want to do laundry by themselves, you just need to download [ˌdaʊnˈləʊd] the hotel APP and order the laundry service you need in the software.
Washing can be divided into light washing and strong washing. If there are big stains on the clothes, you can choose to use strong washing. The time is more than half an hour.
By the way, you need to pay for this laundry function, and it's not too expensive for us. It only costs two yuan for a light wash and three yuan for a strong wash. If you have any other hotel services that you don't know, you can ask me, hoping to bring you a good service experience .You can contact me at any time. Thank you .




C. 照顾好游客。
D. 如期接待其他游客。
“ I'm sorry that I just learned that you are not feeling well now, Miss Li. Please tell me what's wrong with you. Is it your stomach? Can you still stand up now? OK, I'll help you sit down first. I brought pills for killing pain and poured you a cup of hot water. Would you like to drink it now? I hope this will make you feel less  painful .“
“Driver Wang, I'm sorry, we can't go to the scenic spots first. My tourist is not feeling well now. The situation is very urgent. Please take us to the nearby hospital to take her for treatment immediately. Please hurry up. Thank you! “
“ Miss Li, please don't worry. Does drinking water make you feel better? Please be patient for a while. The driver is taking us to the nearest hospital. You will be fine and I will accompany[əˈkʌmpəni]  you all the time.”
If other people feel uncomfortable, please tell me your situation, and I will be with you at any time.


A. 道歉。
C. 承诺要采取行动。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
I'm terribly sorry for your appeal, because we have a lot of tourists, so the bus will be crowded. I didn't consider this situation, which caused your troubles. I apologize for the unhappiness this incident brought to you.
But please don't worry when you arrive at the destination, When we return home , I will contact the special car to  pick you up, please wait patiently for a while, We will arrived at our destination soon. I'll tell the people in this bus to be quiet and not make so much noise. I hope it will make you feel better.
I'm sorry for the trouble brought to you ,if you have any other questions , you can contact me .


C. 检查程序。

D. 提醒一下这些文件。

Hello, Team Leader Wang , I'd like to confirm the itinerary of the tour group leaving for America tomorrow.


First of all, the number of air tickets is 20. The departure time is 8 o 'clock in the morning. Please prepare some motion sickness medicine for everyone. If the time difference is different, remind everyone to take a good rest and bring enough clothes, we may feel cold there .

We expect to arrive in America in 12 hours, that is, at 8 o'clock tomorrow night. When I arrived in America, I booked a special car to meet us at the airport. We will arrange [əˈreɪndʒ] the hotel and meals for the tourists when we arrive in America tomorrow.
By the way, there are also some important documents  [ˈdɒkjuments], For example, tourists' passports and ID cards, as well as two-day nucleic acid certificates, please pack them up and don't forget to bring them.  


A. 道歉。
C. 承诺要采取行动。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
Hello, I am sorry for my late. I heard that the condition of the bathroom here is very bad. I am also feel very angry about it, and I am really sorry that this happened.
After inquiry, I know that there are too many people staying here, and the cleaners have no time to clean them one by one, so the bathroom is not very clean. Moreover, this hotel has been open for a long time, and the decoration inside has not been replaced. I feel very remorse for bringing you a bad check-in experience.
I will ask the housekeeping staff to clean it now.  If you are not unwilling to live here, I will help you change the hotel. I hope you can forgive me for my negligence. I promise it won't happen. I hope the next travel time will make you feel happy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
我现在就让客房服务人员打扫一下。 如果你不是不愿意住在这里,我会帮你换酒店。我希望你能原谅我的疏忽。我保证这不会发生。我希望下一次旅行时间会让你感到快乐。如果您有任何问题,请随时与我联系。


A. 道歉。
C. 承诺要采取行动。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
I'm really sorry, dear Miss Wang. I heard that your valuables were stolen. Just to make sure, it‘s a square, red purse, right?When did you find it missing? It was just an hour ago, wasn't it? So when did it leave your sight? You went to the bathroom, but you didn't see it, did you? Okay, I get it.
OK,  I will contact the hotel service staff here to get the monitoring [ˈmɒnɪtərɪŋ] as soon as possible, and try to help you find the things back as soon as possible. Before that, please wait patiently . I'm sure it'll be found soon . I'll be the first to let you know if anything happens.
Don't be nervous and upset until then. I believe the police will find out the thief and bring him to justice. Here, I also remind you that you must take good care of your valuables and don't give bad people an opportunity.


C. 采取预防措施。
D. 回答相关问题。
Hello everyone ,Now we are about to arrive at the Great Wall, let me tell you about the historical of the Great Wall in China, it is the ancient civil [ˈsɪvl] blood of the great creation, but also China, the greatest historical site(遗址). The Badaling(八达岭) section of the Great Wall is the most representative [ˌreprɪˈzentətɪv] part .
Let me tell you a few preventive measures, because the Great Wall is windy and dry-mouthed, so everyone should drink plenty of water. It's very tiring to climb the Great Wall. Don't bring too many things. There are many gravel and loose sand on the Great Wall. Try to put on anti-skid shoes.
There are many people at the Great Wall. Please follow closely behind me, do not break away from the team. Please follow me and feel the majesty of the Great Wall.


C. 推荐一些餐馆。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
After visiting the performance, I see everyone wants to know about Shandong cuisine, I give you a simple introduction, it includes three   kinds of local cuisines.
There are three local cuisines in Shandong, which are Jiaodong cuisine, Confucius cuisine and Jinan cuisine. They all have different characteristics and delicious taste.
Let me introduce some famous local dishes. If you are interested, you can try them. such as nine-turn large intestine [ɪnˈtestɪn] sweet (九转大肠) and sour carp(糖醋鲤鱼), sweet and sour pork(糖醋里脊) and so on.
There are many famous local restaurants making these dishes, such as Heping Restaurant not far from here, where you can eat Jinan cuisine. If you want to eat Confucius cuisine and Jiaodong cuisine, go to Baccarat Restaurant far away. more delicious, you can go to try. I hope you can all eat the delicious food you want.


C. 提出建议。
D. 回答游客们提出的一些问题。
We are about to arrive at the Potala Palace, I think you are very interested in the Potala Palace, let me tell you about the Potala Palace, the world's highest altitude [ˈæltɪtjuːd] palace, castle ['kɑːsl] in one of the magnificent architecture [mæɡˈnɪfɪsnt]  [ˈɑːkɪtektʃə(r)],is the largest and most complete ancient palace in Tibet.
I know you will be celebrating the Tibetan [tɪ'betn] New Year. According to legend, a long time ago, when crops matured and harvested, Tibetans would sing and dance to celebrate the harvest. Year after year, Tibetans took the time when wheat matured as the beginning of a year.
Now You can go inside and have a good look. Please pay attention to safety when you visit, and don't get hurt. If you have any questions, you can ask me.


A. 道歉。
C. 提供解决方案。
D. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。
A:I am really sorry for disturbing your rest, and I am very sorry for this kind of thing.Did not bring you a good room service and a good accommodation environment. So, I apologize to you again.
B:Just asked room 401, they were having a birthday party so there would be a lot of music and a lot of people coming into the room ,so it would be noisy.
We did not inquire(询问) about the hotel room ‘s sound  insulation in advance(及时),  caused this situation happened,  I am very sorry again.
C:I will contact customer 401 to be quiet and ask him to lower his voice. If you still cannot accept it, I will change the room for you,If you have any other question.
I hope you can keep a good mood, I can understand all your feeling now, please rest assured, we will help you to solve this problem, let you have a good rest, to meet tomorrow's beautiful travel schedule.
You can Call me anytime.Thank you for your understanding.


C. 如果有任何问题,请回答这些问题。                
A: I see a lot of tourists are very interested in Chinese dragon boat, let me introduce to you.
Dragon boat is  the main custom(习俗) of the Han  traditional festival Dragon Boat Festival.It is common in southern China, and it also has the custom of dragon boat racing in northern cities near rivers and lakes, and most of it is in the form of(形式)  dragon boat dancing.龙舟是汉族传统节日端午节的主要习俗。在中国南方地区普遍存在,在北方靠近河湖的城市也有赛龙舟习俗,而大部分是舞龙船的形式。
Dragon boat as a memorial of (纪念)the great poet Qu Yuan,and as the traditional sports culture   activities.Dragon boat race is welcomed by the people, because the form of the dragon boat race is warm, showing the brave spirit, can encourage people to make progress.
B:At six o 'clock this afternoon in the hotel square, you can close watch the dragon boat time until eight o 'clock in the evening, there are tourists want to go to visit, but pay attention to safety.
C: Come and enjoy the charm of the dragon boat.If you have other questions , you can ask me.


C. 介绍有关古董的海关规定。
A:Hello, dear tourists, I know you are very interested in antiques(古玩), but I suggest that you do not buy antiques on the roadside stalls, because antiques are relatively precious things, if you really want to buy, you can go to the authentic shop to buy, and make a good invoice.
B:Such as,you can go to Xi'an Antique City, It has a long operating time and high name of the antique market, mainly manage in porcelain, jade, bronze ware, calligraphy and painting, seals, books, ancient coins and other cultural artworks(艺术作品).
Here, it is clearly  price, will give you a formal invoice(发票), you can rest assured to buy.
C:If you carry cultural relics(文物)out of the country, you must declare(申报) to the customs(海关).The customs should inspect it according to the principle (原则)of reasonable quantity(合理数量)。
If the cultural relics pass a reasonable quantity, they should be  returned according to law.


A. 分析在大雨中去旅行的危险。
B. 道歉。
C. 给出解释。
D. 提供解决方案。
A:Sorry, I would like to cancel(取消 )the arrangement of going to Huangshan today, because it is raining very heavily today, it is very dangerous for the guests to go up the mountain, there may be a landslide, and the guests may slip and fall.and If you climb a mountain in the rain and get wet, you may also suffer from hypothermia( 低体温).
In rainy days, vision(实力) and visibility(能见度) are reduced, it is easy to fall, or miss the direction.The most dangerous, mountain torrents(山洪) are easy to break out.
B:For the safety of the tourists, I suggest canceling the arrangement today.
Thank you for you understanding.Apologize to you again!
为了游客的安全,我建议取消今天的安排。 谢谢你的理解。再次向您道歉!
C:Our travel agency can notpromise to the safety of guests in rainy days, we afraid of bringing physical harm to tourists, so that you can not have a good mountaineering experience(登山体验), let you waste of time, energy and money , but can not experience the beautiful scenery of Huangshan.
D:In order to make up for you, we will organize a free dance party in the hotel, with free drinks and desserts, we will make the boys and girls form a group(组成一个小组), Have a dance competition,The winner will receive a Ipaid.
为了弥补,我们将在酒店组织一次免费舞会,有免费酒水及甜品,将使男女组合,进行舞蹈比赛,获胜者将获得一个 Ipaid。


C. 回答游客提出的一些问题。
A:Hello, dear tourist, I know you want to use this safe.
let me show you how to use this safe .First put in the main key, the long one, then enter the initial code(初始密码)1111, turn the door handle,then the safe opens. If there are no batteries(电池) in the safe, then you don't need to enter the code,break in the emergency(应急) key,  and then install(插入) the battery(电池). Finally , you have to log in(登陆) the app, then you  can use it Well.
B: If you want to change the password.The first way, you can revise it on your mobile phone.
The second way ,Inside there is a setting(设置) key,  enter a new password(密码), and then press(按)well number(井号) key to confirm(确认),If you want to change again,You can repeat it.
If you have other questions , you can ask me.


C. 介绍一下在中国的生态旅游。
D. 回答相关问题。
A:Today we will go to Yu Village in Anji, Zhejiang Province,  I am very glad to explain to you theagricultural tourism activities (农业旅游) in China.
今天我们将去浙江安吉的余村,我很高兴为大家讲解中国的农业旅游活动 。
Agricultural tourism activities is a combination(结合) of agriculture and tourism.Using agricultural scenic spot and rural customs to attract tourists to visit agricultura,in order to developing the rural(农村) economy.
B:Yu Village will be developed agriculture tourism, rural tourism and other tourism                            products .Attracting many tourists, Yu village has achieved great development.
C:In china ,ecotourism have many varieties .such as,Yu Village,Planting village and agritainment(农家乐).
The fishing village is famous tourism products. fishing village developing can open the market for the fishing  products,gets rich and enriches(使富有)for people's life.
Agritainment(农家乐) has beautiful natural , fresh air and relaxed environment,it can relieve(缓解) the mental pressure (精神压力)of modern people and many urban(城市) people  love it .The development of agricultural tourism will be more and more better.
If you have other questions , you can ask me.